Battered vegetables


- sibul
- porgand
- paprika
- zuchini
- jahu
- soiaõli
- külm vesi
- sool



- Cut in stripes shape the carrot, bell pepper and zucchini, cut the onion in rings shape.

- Put the carrot and bell pepper in boiling water, after 3-4 minutes put the zucchini. Wait still half minute and the remove the vegetables from the water. Let them to get dry and cold.

- Meanwhile prepare the batter: in a deep plate put some flour, add very cold water (you can help yourself adding directly some ice cubes) and salt. Mix a bit. Don't worry in case there will be some lumps, it doesn't matter for this recipe. The amount of water should be so that the mixture is liquid but still very sticky.


- hit the soybean oil in a saucepan, yo can test the oil temperature with some drop of the batter. If it immediatly starts frying then it means it is ready. Take the vegetables one by one, put in the batter first, then fry in the oil. For the best result, take your time and fry only some stripes at once, trying to keep them separated from each other while frying.